solve machine input output questions in reasoning quickly #3- trick for solving input output questions quickly

we have previously discussed about the first two types of machine input-output questions in reasoning in our previous posts. First learn them and then move on to this post –trick #3

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so this time we will discuss about

changing positions of words/numbers as per the set pattern

In this type of questions, the candidate is required to follow a pattern according to the position of the letter/words in the given input. The candidate is given a question in which some kind of word arrangement is given like a machine is given some input and it is processing some output for that input.
Here is an example
Find out the logic behind the question and answer the question then.
A machine writes the following steps when given an input as given below.
Input-   man’s mood varies with time and environment
Step-1   varies with man’s mood environment and time

Step-2   and time environment mood man’s varies with
Step-3   environment time and varies with mood man’s
Step-4   and varies environment time man’s mood with

Now as per the pattern of the machine given above
Find out the question given below?
If a machine is given input as  ‘everyone were aware about their intimate friendship’.  What will be step 2 according to above arrangement.

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Solution:  now write down numbers below each alphabet in the given question’s arrangement as given below:
Input-   man’s(1) mood(2) varies(3) with(4) time(5) and(6) environment(7)

Step-1   varies with man’s mood environment and time
The above step becomes
Step-1   3              4              1              2              7              6              5
Step-2   and time environment mood man’s varies with
Step 2 becomes
Step 2-  6             5              7              2              1              3              4

So we found out the step 2 arrangement from the given example. So apply this step 2 arrangement to the question asked
Input-   everyone were aware about their intimate friendship
                1              2              3              4              5              6              7
Step 2 based on above question arrangement   6              5              7              2              1              3              4
Step-2   intimate their friendship were everyone aware about

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So how much you understand the concept of input output questions. Give your comment about it.


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