Pay Scale of PGT TGT JBT PRT Teacher - Salary of TET Qualified Teachers

Check PGT TGT JBT Teachers Pay Scale, TET Qualified Teachers Salary - Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is conducted in various states in India and is named as HTET, UPTET, PSTET and Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) etc. as per the state name. Those candidates who qualifies in this test are appointed as Govt. teachers in that state after passing interview.

The Pay Scale of Teachers in various states in India and Grade pay and approximate salaries are given here. Below is an estimated approximate Salaries/ Pay Scales of PGT TGT JBT teachers in India in different states. Punjab being the highest in terms of salary of all teachers.
The salary and Pay Scale of these HTET, UPTET, PSTET, CTET etc. qualified teachers who joins as JBT, TGT, PGT posts are given below.

PGT TGT JBT Teachers Pay Scale for Selected teachers HTET, UPTET, PSTET, CTET etc. TET Qualified - All states of India

PGT Pay Scale - Salary of Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) in India

The Pay Scale (Salary structure) of Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) in India in various states is 9300-34800 with Grade Pay 4800. Punjab being the highest with 10300-34800+ 4600. Salary ranges from Rs. 35000-45000 based on state and Grade Pay (GP) given.

TGT Pay Scale in India - Salary of Trained Graduate Teachers in India

The Pay Scale (Salary structure) of Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) in India in various states is 9300-34800 with Grade Pay 4600. Punjab being the highest with 10300-34800+ 4200. Salary ranges from Rs. 28000-42000.


JBT Teachers Salary / Pay Scale in various states of India is given below. The Salary of JBT teachers can be derived using this salary structure. Salary ranges from Rs. 22000-35000.
Highest JBT Teacher Pay Scale is given by Punjab State. The JBT Teachers Pay Scales are arranged in descending order.
Punjab - PSTET Qualified Teachers Pay Scale -10200-34800+ 4000
Chhattisgarh- 9300-39000+ GP 4300
Delhi- 9300-34800+ GP 4200
Gujarat- 9300-34500+ 4200
Haryana - HTET Qualified Teachers Pay Scale / Salary - 9300-34800+ 4200 - Salary is approx. 30000-40000.
Mizoram- 9300-34800+ 4200
Uttar Pradesh - UPTET + BTC VBTC Qualified Selected UP Teachers Salary / Pay Scale - 9300-34800 + 4200 Grade Pay 
Approx. Salary - Rs. 32000-40000 (Depends on allowances given)
Uttrakhand - 9300-34800 + 4200
Jharkhand- 9300-34500+ 4200
Karnataka- 9300-34500+ 4200
Bihar- 9300-34500+ 4200
Himachal Pradesh- 9300-34800+ 4000
Rajasthan- 9300-34800+ 3200
Madhya Pradesh- 9300-34800- 3200
Goa- 9300-34800+ 2800
Meghalaya- 9200-18020-No GP
Maharashtra- 5200-20200+ 2800
Manipur- 5200-26000+ 2800
Tamilnadu- 5200-20200+ 2800
Assam - Pay Scale- 5200-20200+ 2700
Andhra Pradesh- 5200-20200+ 2700
West Bengal - 5400-25200+ 2600
Odisha- 5200-20200+ 2200
Kerala- 4620-31360+ No GP

Dear friends, your Suggestions of improvement are invited through comments. If you belong to a particular state who knows the salary structure of your state different from above, then please share your information through comments. 
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