Govt. hiked Current Dearness Allowance to 107% from 100%

Those of you, who are searching for Current Dearness Allowance of Central Govt. Jobs of India, PSU, Banks etc. then this post is for you. You will find here latest updated dearness allowance which applies to all govt. jobs. Recently Indian Govt. revised the DA rates effective from July 2014. The post will be updated as soon as Govt. hikes this allowance. Here are the current DA details.

Current DA – 107% - Govt. Hikes Dearness allowance by 7% - Effective from July 2014

Current Dearness Allowance rate for Central Government Employees - 107 %
Dearness Allowance is revised by Govt. in every six months period. The next revision may increase / decrease DA.
Recently Government of India had increased the dearness allowance of Central Government employees. This increase will take effect from July Month. From July 2014 onwards, the employees will be given 107 % DA. This is a good news for 30 lakh Govt. employees as it will increase their gross salary. It is also a great news for 50 lakh pensioners as now they will get more money. Also Arrears of July and August month will be given to them since it is effective from July 2014.
State Govt. employees may also get their DA increment as they have been waiting for this news from the centre. Now various state governments may increase their employees DA. So this is a good news for state govt. employees also.
Before this increment, there had been increment of 10% DA by the previous government. But due to decrease in inflation and other factors, the current Modi Government had raised the dearness allowance to 7%. After this increment, govt. employees current DA goes to 107%.
As far as PSU, Banks and others, they may revise their allowance to make it the same shown above. The benefits of improved DA will surely increase the employees salary by a considerable amount.

Whenever Dearness Allowance is raised again, you will find it updated on this page. This page will be updated once there is any increment in Government Current DA (Dearness Allowance).

Summary: Current DA: 107%
Effective from July 2014